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Terms & Conditions

This agreement contains all terms and conditions which apply to anyone who has; joined, bought, bid, sell, or used any features and products on our website. By browsing, using, or purchasing on our website, you hereby agree to be bound by the terms of use and shall comply with the conditions stated. This agreement describes and contains all agreements between you and Mtcfairings, and it supersedes all preceding or contemporaneous agreements, representations, warranties, and or understandings in subject to the usage, purchase, content, and computer programs provided at Mtcfarings’ website. All terms and conditions are subjected to changes and may be modified and effectual without any prior notice. The terms and conditions stated on our website reflect the operative and latest agreement revised. Please read through carefully prior to using the website. By entering and using the website you have agreed to be bound by the terms & conditions set here. 

General Use & Prohibitions 
All users are prohibited to conduct the following acts: 

(a) Usage of Mtcfarings’ Website and services under the age of 18; if you are currently unable to be bound to a contract or If you are currently suspended from using Mtcfarings’ website, services, or tools.

(b) Posting, commenting, or sharing any details on our website that are inappropriate on our website and services. (Examples include Explicit Content, Political Views, discrimination, and sharing other websites) 

(c) Collecting and soliciting any information about our products for inappropriate reasons or other users’ personal information. 

(d) Manipulation of prices, products, and details listed on our website. Interference with another user’s comments and inquiries. 

(e) Posting or sharing any distorted, untruth, fallacious and defamatory content and comments about Mtcfairings. 

(f) Any other actions that may cause damage to the reputation, status, and business of Mtcfairings. 

At Mtcfairings, you are required to provide and use your full legal name, official address, valid email, and any other necessary information to complete the registration of your account. It is mandatory for you to certify that you are 18 years or older. You are solely responsible for your account usage and password. All activities and transactions made through your account are held legally enforceable by law. You are prohibited to upload any malicious content, link, virus, or any content that is of destructive nature to the website, users, and Mtcfairings. 

Payments, Invoices, and Processes
Mtcfairings reserves all rights and discretion to provide and regulate the terms of payment. Unless explicitly agreed upon previously under special circumstances, all payment must be made in full prior to the production and shipping of the product you have ordered. Unless credit terms have been agreed upon otherwise, all payments for the product shall be made only with the following: Credit Card, Paypal, or Wire Transfers. All payment proofs must be kept, and users must provide Mtcfairings with the proof of payment if asked. Mtcfairing reserves all rights to cancel or deny any orders from their end. Should there be an occurrence of a typographical or credit error, Mtcfairings reserves all rights to cancel the order due to such errors. All invoices are required to be paid within 15 days from the stated invoicing date. 

Refund Policy 
Please refer to the returns and refund policy terms and conditions for more information. 

Risk of loss 
All products shipped from Mtcfairings are made according to a shipment contract with the designated freight companies. Once the product has been passed to the hands of the freight company, any losses of the products will be borne by you.

At Mtcfarings, all prices listed for the products are in accordance with the full retail price, suggested by the manufacturer or suppliers and are estimated to follow the standard industry practices. The listed prices on Mtcfairings are a comparative price estimate and do not constitute to illustrate the prevailing price for everyone, everywhere, and every day.  For products that are offered “as a set” the listed price may include a feature stating “open-stock” pricing. “Open-stock” pricing refers to the estimated price of manufacturers’ prices for each individual product, which may differ upon confirmation.

In the event of a misprint in our website and catalogs for prices, Mtcfairings reserves all rights and discretion to be the party that decides how to follow up the order. Mtcfairings would either contact you to mitigate the situation before shipping or notify you of the cancellation of your order. 

Mtcfairings does not warrant any product description or any other content on the website to be accurate, complete, current, reliable, or error-free. Should you find that a product from Mtcfarings was not as described, the solution is to return the product in an unused condition and Mtcfairings will mitigate the situation. 

Modification &Removal of Terms and Conditions 

Mtcfairings reserves all rights to modify, add or delete any part of this term and conditions at their discretion. Any edits or changes to the terms of condition are valid and enforceable once posted on Mtcfairings’ website. By continuing the usage and purchasing of our website, products, and services, after our new Terms and Conditions have been posted, represents your acceptance of the change and is legally binding. 

Acknowledgment of Copyrights and Intellectual Properties 

By using our website, products, services, and programs, you hereby acknowledge that all rights, titles, names, interests, including but limited to the rights covered by the Intellectual Property Right. You are not allowed to use or share any ideas, names, or products, services belonging to Mtcfairings for any other purpose other than for your own use to make decisions for purchase.